The STEM 2026 Vision: The Department of Education along with the American Institutes of Research reached out to O2 Lab to produce their report, “STEM 2026: A Vision for Innovation in STEM Education.” O2 also created this infographic representing their vision, which was included in the report.

Science Ed: What Students Want: The Amgen Foundation and Change the Equation produced a survey on how to better engage students in science. O2 Lab took the findings and created this fun and engaging infographic. The infographic was also broken into various pieces to share on social.

Solving the Skills Gap: Business Roundtable and Change the Equation conducted research that showed businesses were struggling with finding employees with STEM knowledge and skills. O2 Lab created an infographic breaking down the data.

Constant Connectivity: Making Life Easier: O2 Lab created this information on how smart mobile devices contribute to work-life balance.

Creative director: Robert McVearry
Responsibilities: Conceptualization, design