Hi, I’m Nancy!

During my 30-plus years in the industry, I have designed pages and covers for The Washington Post’s Style section, created branding systems, websites, motion pieces and videos for companies such as the World Bank Group, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, General Dynamics, and the Department of Education/Office of Educational Technology.

I had spent most of my career working in print, but when the industry started to move toward digital, I went back to school and received my BFA in graphic design from the Corcoran College of Art + Design. Since then, I have expanded my skillset to include video and motion. I’ve incorporated both into my professional work, and because that wasn’t enough, I brought them into my personal life, too, by starting a YouTube channel documenting our travels and life. It is here where I get to explore and play with filmmaking, editing and animation.

In this world, I use my experience as a journalist to interview people, tell stories and share fun facts about the locations we visit. My graphic design background enables me to create nuanced and memorable compositions and illustrations. Animation allows me to bring in the fun with animated typography, facts and maps. And the edit brings it all together.

In this sense, I am a bit of a generalist. My skillset allows me to work on individual pieces or the whole. It truly is the best of all worlds. And I’d love to share it with you.

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